The value of a property is affected by internal and external factors of the property. On many occasions it will depend on the care, maintenance, renovation that the owner can give it, in other cases, eventualities that happen in the area where the house or apartment is located, for example, if it is located in a developed area and with Over time there are new housing or commercial projects that bring benefits to the community. This can be quite beneficial in terms of the added value that it brings to the homes that were built there before these new projects.

It must be clear that the price of a home must be assigned by a professional who will study each of the market variants and elements that may be related to the property, in this way he will assign a value that really adjusts to the characteristics of the property. the House.
The most common mistake when selling a house or apartment on your own is assigning a price just because you believe that it is the correct one, without first consulting a specialist in the field. One of the most common reasons why it is not possible to close the sale of a house or an apartment for sale is because it has a price that is outside the market offer.

There is the so-called price or sentimental value, which is the one that the owners assume based on their memories, experiences and experiences in the property. But calculating the price based on experiences that have nothing to do with reality is the main problem when selling a house. More than feelings and anything else, appraisers rely on other factors that are relevant when determining the price, thanks to their experience and tools they can give accurate information.

If you have reached this article, you may be evaluating the possibility of selling your property, or you have plans to buy one of the houses or apartments for sale and you are interested in knowing what elements are relevant when determining the value of a property.

What are the factors that influence the price of a property?

It is like that, we cannot stop mentioning it; Location is one of the main elements that influence the price of a property and you can easily check it.

Look for a property that is in a residential area and compare it with one with similar characteristics that is in a neighboring area, even if they have similar characteristics, the price difference can be abysmal and the only reason is the location.

It is for this reason that so much emphasis is placed when choosing the location of the property, always thinking about the plans you have in the medium and long term, this does not mean that the properties that are in surrounding areas have no value, but if your intention is to buy one of the houses or apartments for sale to sell it in the short term and make a profit on the value that has increased, the ideal is to invest in an area that has the essential elements for it to become an attractive place for people who are thinking of buying an apartment or house.

The new housing projects in Santiago are increasingly ambitious, their strategy is to offer the inhabitants an optimal lifestyle, where they have all the comforts that a person may need to have fun, rest, exercise, etc.

Of course, each of these amenities represents an added value in the price of the property, the more complete or more amenities they offer, the greater their value. Those who have the possibility of investing in one of the new apartments for sale with as many amenities as they identify, will not only be buying a property, but also improving their lifestyle, currently the fact of not having to leave home without put aside the possibilities of doing something different, such as going for a swim in a pool, playing a game of tennis, going to the gym, having a barbecue, etc.

This is where the price difference of a property that has several amenities even if it does not have them is evident.

Conservation of the house
The conservation of the house is not only about the time it has been built, but how it is preserved.
A house that is 15 years old may be better preserved than one that is 5 years old, this has to do with the materials that have been used and the finishes that have been made. Leaks, damage to walls, floors, electrical problems; They are also part of the conservation of the home, sometimes people get so used to seeing something damaged that it later becomes a normal situation when it is not, and what this causes is that over time it deteriorates more and plus the property.

When a person decides to buy a house or apartment for sale, they want to find a property that has all the necessary conditions for its habitability, surely if this is the case, they will not hesitate for a second to pay the price that have been assigned, otherwise if you get a property in terrible condition and with a price that is not in accordance with the situation, you may immediately desist from the business.

It is important to evaluate each of the elements that have an impact on the price, and if these are manageable, do everything within reach to improve the value of our property.

We can help you, we take care of the entire process and provide you with advice so that your property is an attractive option for buyers. Contact us.

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