Do you want to know the keys before buying a mansion? It’s no secret that anyone knows that current trends have changed a lot when it comes to home repairs and remodeling.
In this sense, luxury reform is now spoken of in another way, because what was previously considered luxury may now not be.
These days, a luxurious and sophisticated setting doesn’t have to be a display space. No more talking about Persian rugs or upholstery.
The advantage in this case is the orientation towards a minimalist style and the use of specific materials that even make sustainable sense.

What is a mansion?

When it comes to luxury homes, many associations may come to mind. Of course, people often think of style, exclusivity, design, etc. Also, it is widely believed that luxury is limited and not everyone can have a luxurious home.

Today, whoever buys luxury items of any kind does so to feel original and privileged.
From what is meant by the conceptualization of “luxury”, it can be said that luxury renovations include guidelines to modify the appearance of certain spaces in a property. However, the most important thing to consider for a luxury renovation is to consider innovation, quality, design and creativity.

To carry out the reform of luxury items, many aspects must be taken into account such as flooring, materials, coatings, spatial distribution, fabrics, lighting, etc.

The keys to a successful luxury renovation
In many cases, we can generate ideas related to aesthetics, interior design, and other aspects involved in remodeling the space.

However, it is necessary to know styles and trends in greater detail in order to specify and communicate to professionals the needs covered by luxury renovation. Think about it, the key aspects to consider are:

Soil Type

This is essential for any luxury reform. It is about thinking about the types of materials that best adapt to the space we have, and most importantly, what we want to project.

Marble floor in luxury reform
First of all, it should be mentioned that marble is a material made up of dense metamorphic rocks obtained from limestone.

90% of this material is composed of calcium carbonate, while the remaining 10% is responsible for providing its aesthetic properties. That is, due to this small fraction, marble is usually a crystal with multiple colors.

Due to its durability and hardness, it is one of the most suitable natural stones for luxury decoration. If there is a problem with marble, it is that it does not generate warmth.

The color combinations that can be achieved in marble are very successful. Anyway, it brings elegance and sophistication to the home.

Oak Hardwood Floors for Luxury Finishes
Another material widely used in luxury reforms is natural wood for floors. In this case, the color and appearance are directly related to the type of material used.

  • Type of wood: For example, walnut stands out for its dark color. On the other hand, if you are looking for a lighter color, you can choose a birch that ranges in color from yellow to white. Other very useful woods for luxury finishes are beech, oak, merbau or ash.
  • The importance of choosing the species of wood: each wood has qualities that provide different colors and styles. They also have different resistance levels. It is necessary to take into account the quality and durability that we are looking for to make the right choice.
  • Wood treatment: Wood treatment can be smoked, dyed, oiled, brushed, painted, etc. Depending on the chosen treatment based on the material, adding the desired shine and color is much easier.

Large windows in luxury renovation
Dividing spaces with glass instead of walls is part of a new luxury renovation trend. In this type of case, the clean environment prevails and only the necessary walls are built.

In the case of a small house, the use of windows can create an effect of spaciousness closely associated with luxury. For more luxurious homes, it results in elegantly transparent spaces.

This method can also be applied to exterior walls. This allows a better use of natural light during the day.

Combination in luxury reform

Bold material combinations are the current direction of luxury renovation. Wood, stone and marble surfaces are a clear example. All this with the aim of merging elegance and style with nature.

Likewise, neutral colors such as white, black and gray can be combined with materials such as copper or brass. The main idea of ​​this approach is to find contrast by using different textures, materials and fabrics.

Another key figure to achieve harmony in the luxury reform is the choice of elements that are not too flashy. It is designed in such a way that large objects do not detract from the details of the building’s own architecture.

For example, the fabric should not contain glitter. The importance of this focuses on the shape and materials of each space. Currently, what luxury reform is looking for is to show spacious and increasingly natural homes.

Blending is always an option to open new horizons. However, the premise that each element must be coordinated with each other must be maintained.



Wood Paneled Wall
This option is perfect if you are looking for a more industrial look for the luxury renovation of your home. Wood-paneled walls are made from natural wood.

However, in some cases, they can be painted the same color as the rest of the walls. In this trend, neutral colors such as black or white are the most suitable.

Wood planks represent an ideal type of paint for walls because they bring more warmth to the different spaces in which they are installed.

It is important to remember that only one wall of planks will suffice. Otherwise, this resource can be misused and produce a more striking visual appearance than normal.

Light up the house for a luxury condo

Lighting is crucial in the luxury revolution. This aspect must be taken into account when transforming a small house into a luxurious environment. There is no doubt that light adds character to any home.

Many times when comprehensive reforms are made, the luminosity is not taken into account, or it is left for the last minute. Lighting can change the view of our house. So you should always give it the value it deserves to get the best results.




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