A real estate agent is much more than a real estate salesperson. Gone is the old concept of a real estate agent as a simple seller of a property. Today, to be a good real estate agent, it is necessary to have human qualities, as well as experience and theoretical knowledge of the profession. Thus, the real estate consultant becomes an agent that coordinates people and combines different fields. A good real estate agent has a nature similar to that of an orchestra conductor, he coordinates different actors to make a successful transaction a reality.

A good real estate advisor is not afraid to sell. With knowledge of the market and the situation, good interpersonal and negotiation skills, it is possible to become a good agent. The most important? Passion for work, and above all, for people.

1. Personal qualities
A good real estate advisor is optimistic, constant and knows how to listen. The transaction of a property entails more difficult moments where you do not have to throw in the towel.

2. Motivation and visualization
It is important to visualize the successes that you want to achieve and believe in them, always keeping your feet on the ground. Motivation is the key to insist on executing the sale, which is often lost by giving up prematurely.

3. Interpersonal Skills
The trust contract is the most important thing between the agent and the buyer or seller. Clear and honest work is the best tool to make the sale and gain the trust of the potential buyer. Therefore, it is important to focus on the person and not the property being sold. At the end of the day, it is about getting the dream home for the buyer.

4. Ability to adapt and renew
After the crisis, only 20% of real estate agents adapted and continued working. It is revealing that 80% did not know how to overcome the crisis. Therefore, it is essential that the advisor knows how to adapt to a market as changing as real estate.

One of the most important innovations presented by the real estate market is the appearance of the digital age and social networks. You have to adapt and understand them in the best possible way since, by interconnecting the actors, they provide interesting results.

5. Real Estate Prospecting
In order to expand the customer network, it is important to carry out real estate prospecting.

6. Negotiation
This element is key in an advisor, together with the other qualities it builds a comprehensive and independent advisor capable of carrying out any transaction. When carrying out a negotiation it is important to listen to the different parties and be able to translate their needs into negotiable results.

7. Knowledge of the area where it is sold
They say that you have to sell the area and not the brick. For this reason, it is necessary to know the area and integrate it into the client’s life in order to respond to their needs. The house and its interior layout is important, but it must not be forgotten that it is integrated into an important environment for the buyer.

8. Training
The icing on the cake to create a successful real estate advisor is a good training that complements the keys mentioned above.


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