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What is real estate ethics?

Real estate ethics is the set of rules and fundamentals that regulate the conduct of the different actors in the real estate sector, in order to guide relationships in the sector along a fair, correct path in which the common good is put before. In real estate ethics there are moral bases to guide good […]

Construction with renewable materials in the DR

Worldwide, different materials of a sustainable nature are known for construction in their different fields. For some decades both architecture and engineering have focused on the implementation of materials that do not directly affect our environment or that they often come from reserves cultivated for this purpose, in the Dominican Republic this movement has begun […]

Why should you invest in the Dominican Republic?

There are many reasons to reside and invest in the Dominican Republic, as confirmed by thousands of expatriates through the investments they make in the country and who have also made this country their home. The best advice is to ask according to your preferences and situation, but you can be sure that it will […]

Buy flat or buy a ready home in 2022?

Buying a flat house is now a dream of many people. If you are one of them, you should know that this way of getting your own home is one of the best alternatives available today. One of the above reasons is that bank and real estate loans allow you to have more confidence when […]


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