Buying a flat house is now a dream of many people. If you are one of them, you should know that this way of getting your own home is one of the best alternatives available today.

One of the above reasons is that bank and real estate loans allow you to have more confidence when deciding on this path. When buying an unplanned house, you need to consider all the factors involved in this decision. In this way you will not take any risk and your investment will be safe.

Buying a house is a very important event in everyone’s life. So much so that a large percentage of people decide to buy second-hand homes, only 20% decide to buy a house off plans. However, this percentage increases thanks to the conditions and offers of the property.

In this publication we will be able to see the advantages of being able to buy a house in plans, where opting for a project from scratch can be a transaction that provides great benefits for you and your family.

Before showing you the advantages of buying a home off plan, we can briefly explain what this option consists of. Buying a house on plans implies negotiating based on the information presented by a Real Estate company that has a project that has not yet begun to be developed. The reason is that such a house has not yet been built.

In the case of deciding to buy a property in these conditions, it is necessary to know that it is about works that usually take 2 years on average. From the beginning of the work to the delivery of keys.

The housing project in which you finally decide to invest must have plans of excellent quality. Thanks to them, it will be possible to know how the distribution of the spaces of the house or apartment will be, and if it is possible to make modifications before being delivered. Some of the benefits you will get when buying a home on plans are:

Future Investment 
When you buy a house without a plan, you are making an investment in the future. The bottom line is that the price you pay breaks down over time and the property increases in value on the real estate market. It also came from the area where the project will be, if it is a well-built area, we can be sure that the investment will be successful. Also, during the construction process, its value may increase due to changes in the real estate market.

Believe it or not, buying a house off plan guarantees savings. At the time of payment, it has a pre-established amount by the real estate company, but when the work is finished, its value will be higher. When formalizing your purchase, you could save up to 5%, compared to subsequent payments and mortgages, the change will be in your favor.

Flexibility in Payment Methods
Once you reach the purchase price of your home, you can also negotiate an accessible form of payment with the Real Estate agent. The most reasonable thing is to pay once at the beginning of the construction of the house, and the rest at the end of the work

Personalized design
Another advantage is that at the time of purchase it is possible to customize the home to the taste of the person who wants to acquire the house or apartment. Many times, it is possible to predesign without having to make changes over time that you don’t like.

Freedom of decision
Another fundamental advantage is the possibility of choosing the best option from the beginning, since the work is under construction or has not yet started. It will be possible to have more options when freely choosing the floor and its location.

Finally, making a home purchase in plans can provide many advantages such as those that have been mentioned. It will be an acquisition that will be revalued over time for the benefit of the person who decides to invest if they decide to sell or rent at a certain time.

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