Every year there are a series of changes in the types of interior decoration that become a trend. This 2022 is no different and interior styles and designs have been adapted to new sensitivities.

In that sense we can affirm that the simple and the natural are more fashionable than ever. Some styles return, others have never left, some have been reinvented and others represent a suggestive contrast of different elements and types of interior decoration.

Nordic Style
Although this is one of the types of interior decoration that is most related to the climate and the geographical place where it comes from, its keys are the purity of colors, where white predominates, the preference for natural woods and the functionality of the chosen furniture.
Promoting natural light to the maximum, as well as enhancing comfort and warmth inside the house are other values ​​of the Scandinavian style. Lighting is essential, which is why white or light beige is chosen, and fabrics such as leather, wool, cotton or linen are preferred to achieve warmer textures.
Untreated wood prevails even in the decoration of the kitchen, both in tables and seats, looking for a rustic effect and a certain contrast with the white tones of textiles, walls and the rest of the furniture, such as shelves. Even so, there is a tendency to use light-colored woods such as pine or oak.

Minimalist style
The minimalist is one of those types of interior decoration that never go out of style. Quite the contrary, from time to time it seems that it reinvents itself.
This trend has always opted for less is more, even in comfort. Seeking that the furniture is always functional. There is no lack of natural details and a color palette rich in earth tones, such as ochre, beige and light brown. Finally, decorative plants provide that touch of serenity so closely related to this decorative style.
Ceramic decorations and those made of natural fibers, such as bamboo in the rugs, also play their part in creating a welcoming and well-being atmosphere. The woods, preferably, will be light tones. Marble or glass, microcement and materials such as clay also have a place in the most daring warm minimalism.

Industrial Style
Industrial style decoration breaks with the most austere types of interior decoration that we have seen so far. The industrial is a cruder style, where the first thing that attracts attention is the presence of visible structural elements. The other great hallmark is the preference for vintage-style furniture.
Exposed and untreated wooden beams, bare brick walls, pipes, tubes, iron components and exposed concrete, are an essential part of the charm of the industrial style. Other elements that are not lacking are the boutique type shelves instead of closed cabinets.
The inspiration, in short, is the New York artists of the 1950s, loft-type buildings, spatial continuity and cold, dark tones.

Wabi Sabi Style
Wabi sabi is a consolidated style with oriental influences. It is one of the types of interior decoration with the greatest aesthetic, almost philosophical, sensitivity. What he seeks, mainly, is to find beauty in imperfection and incomplete proportions.
Again, natural materials, handmade elements and even recycled parts prevail. The crudeness of the materials, the presence of scratches or wear, and any other type of deterioration, are embraced as a symbol of truth and humility.

Mediterranean Style
The best way to define this style of interior design is with the word spontaneity. Unlike the Scandinavian style, the Mediterranean decoration what you want is to create a fresh atmosphere, as if it were a vacation on the coast.
Lighting is also important, and the presence of white is dominant, but more color is added, such as blue details reminiscent of the sea. There is also a certain fixation on organic forms and simplicity, although the latter is understood in a more relaxed and less strict way than in other types of interior decoration, such as the warm minimalism already mentioned.
A very interesting aspect that incorporates the Mediterranean style are the walls of lime mortar or natural stone. With this type of construction elements it is possible to create grainy textures that are not present in other decorative styles. In addition, the natural stone walls keep the houses cooler, something to consider in places bathed in abundance by the sun.

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